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Rodríguez RGil, Vazquez-Corral J, Bertalmío M.  2020.  Color matching images with unknown non-linear encodings. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. colorMatchingUnknown.pdf (17.9 MB)
Thanh OVu, Canham T, Vazquez-Corral J, Rodríguez RGil, Bertalmío M.  2020.  Color stabilization for multi-camera light-field imaging. ICASSP. CSforMCLF.pdf (6.48 MB)
Bertalmío M, Calatroni L, Franceschi V, Franceschiello B, Prandi D.  2020.  Cortical-inspired Wilson-Cowan-type equations for orientation-dependent contrast perception modelling. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. contrastPerception.pdf (1.68 MB)
Bertalmío M, Gomez-Vila A, Martín A, Vazquez-Corral J, Kane D, Malo J.  2020.  Evidence for the intrinsically nonlinear nature of receptive fields in vision. Scientific reports. NLreceptiveFields.pdf (2.65 MB)
Canham T, Vazquez-Corral J, Mathieu E, Bertalmío M.  2020.  Matching visual induction effects on screens of different size by regularizing a neural field model of color appearance. Submitted. visualInductionEffects.pdf (2.63 MB)
Zabaleta I, Cámara M, Díaz C, Canham T, García N, Bertalmío M.  2020.  Retinal noise emulation: a novel artistic tool for cinema that also improves compression efficiency. IEEE Access. FINAL Article.pdf (30.65 MB)
Cyriac P, Canham T, Kane D, Bertalmío M.  2020.  Vision models fine-tuned by cinema professionals for High Dynamic Range imaging in movies. Multimedia Tools and Applications. VisionModelsHDR.pdf (2.64 MB)
Gomez-Villa A, Martín A, Vazquez-Corral J, Bertalmío M, Malo J.  2020.  Visual Illusions Also Deceive Convolutional Neural Networks: Analysis and Implications. Vision Research. visualIllusions.pdf (3.73 MB)
Bertalmío M, Calatroni L, Franceschi V, Franceschiello B, Gomez-Villa A, Prandi D.  2020.  Visual illusions via neural dynamics: Wilson-Cowan-type models and the efficient representation principle. Journal of Neurophysiology. Cowan.pdf (1.31 MB)
Gomez-Villa A, Bertalmío M, Malo J.  2020.  Visual information flow in Wilson-Cowan networks. Journal of Neurophysiology. VisualInformation.pdf (3.12 MB)