David Kane

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Post-Doctoral Fellow
david [dot] kane [at] upf [dot] edu

I am a visual psychophysicist working at the intersection of perception and technology. I began my career under the stewardship of Steven Dakin (University College London) and Peter Bex (Harvard Medical School) where I learnt the basics of low-level, visual psychophysics, applied to human motion processing. Following my PhD I moved to UC Berkeley and worked alongside Professor Marty Banks investigating topics around stereo-3D displays. This included basic research into human sensitivity to spatial and temporal oscillations in disparity and applied research investigating why consumers’ report headaches after viewing stereo-3D displays.

I currently work in the image-processing laboratory of Marcelo Bertalmío at Universitat Pompeu Fabra as the resident visual psychophysicist. We are investigating compression algorithms that reduce the luminance range of high dynamic range (HDR) images for presentation on low dynamic range (LDR) displays. Such algorithms must meet the twin goals of (a) ensuring the visibility of all or most elements in the original scene whilst (b) retaining a natural looking image. I am also conducting basic research into lightness and contrast perception.