A List of Our Recent Publications

The following is a list of our recent publications (Jan to Sep, 2014) in different areas of image processing.

Gamut Mapping:

  • Zamir, S.W., J. Vazquez-Corral, and M. Bertalmío, "Gamut Mapping in Cinematography through Perceptually-based Contrast Modification", IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Special Issue on    Perception Inspired Video Processing, 2014.  pdf
  •  Vazquez-Corral, J., S.W. Zamir, and M. Bertalmío, "Considering saliency in a perception inspired gamut reduction algorithm", *Accepted* in IS&T/SID 22nd Color Imaging Conference, 2014. pdf

Tone Mapping:

  •  Cyriac, P., T. Batard, and M. Bertalmío, "A Non Local Variational Formulation for the Improvement of Tone Mapped Images", *Accepted* in SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (SIIMS), 2014. pdf

Image Denoising:

Color Correction:

  • Vazquez-Corral, J., and M. Bertalmío, "Color Stabilization Along Time and Across Shots of the Same Scene, for One or Several Cameras of Unknown Specifications", *Accepted * in Transactions on Image Processing, 2014. pdf

Visual Perception:

  • Bertalmío, M., "From Image Processing to Computational Neuroscience: A Neural Model Based on Histogram Equalization", Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, vol. 8, issue 71, 2014. pdf
  • Kane, D., and M. Bertalmío, "The Perceived Quality of Undistorted Natural Images", Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, 2014. pdf

Image Dehazing: